Energy Services

AEDCO Energy Services Sector is committed to serving the Egyptian Power Generation Utilities with ongoing Services to ensure the availability of the Electrical Power Supply to the Egyptian Grid. The Energy Services Sector main objective is to satisfy the Electricity Sector Customers by maintaining their Power Generation Assets through providing reliable and efficient services. Energy Services Sector proudly represents “General Electric, Energy Sector”.
GE units contribute to more than 25% of Egypt’s generated electricity, with Gas Turbines ranging from 25 MW to 250 MW, and Steam Turbines ranging from 50 MW to 625 MW.

AEDCO offers the following services supplied and provided by General Electric:

Power Generation Renewal Parts
Power Generation Repair Services
Power Generation Engineering Services
Power Generation Global Control Services
Gas Turbine Inlet Filters
Boiler Treatment Products
LV, MV, and HV Motors

Our Customer

Ministry of Electricity and Energy

Our Partner

General Electric