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Starting in 1962, our Transportation Sector was the initial seed that led to the incorporation of AEDCO. From day one our sector was a pioneer in the field and has now grown into a dominant fixture in the market with an excellent reputation.
With over 50 years of experience and dedication to introducing, marketing, and maintaining the promotion of a wide range of transportation related products to the Egyptian market, members of our sector have long been recognized as industry experts. We specialize in mass transit vehicles, including metro cars, tram cars and electric locomotives. Our array of product experience encompasses:
⦁ Spare parts for rolling stock.
⦁ Railway signaling systems.
⦁ Radio telecommunication network systems.
⦁ Track and switch accessories.
⦁ Elastic fastening systems.
⦁ Wheels.
⦁ Steel tires.
⦁ Rails.
⦁ Grinding locomotives.

Demands for railway and underground metro spare parts are also supplied through collaborations with local manufacturing plants.

Over the years, AEDCO’s Transportation Sector has forged strong relationships with many international suppliers, the most prominent being the consortium of Japanese companies (Mitsubishi Corporation, Kinki Sharyo and Toshiba Corporation) who are the major supplier of metro and tram cars in Egypt. By upholding our reliable representation, AEDCO has achieved a substantial record of sales with the Cairo Transport Authority, Alexandria Passenger Transport Authority and National Authority for Tunnels. This led to a joint venture between AEDCO and the Japanese partners to form Misr Japan Allied Co. (MJC) who was responsible for performing maintenance on Kinki Sharyo manufactured subway trains for Cairo Metro Line 1 and Line 2.

AEDCO’s commitment to raising the bar of representation by playing an active role with all of our affiliates sets us apart from our competitors. Establishing solid relationships and partnerships has been the backbone of our establishment and will continue to be.

- Major supplies of Rolling Stock through our partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation - (Click Here to view)


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Our Partners

Mitsubishi Corporation
Kinki Sharyo
Toshiba Transport Engineering Inc.
Lucchini RS