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Chemicals & Distribution Sector


AEDCO acts as a local distributor and agent for major suppliers and manufacturers of chemical products.

Over the years it has developed a wide experience in marketing, sales and distribution, serving the needs of local customers and strategic industries such as food additives, dairy, flavors, pharmaceuticals, and processed meat.

Among which are:

- Lyondell Chemical Company for Glycol and Glycol Ethers.
- Foodchem International Corporation
- Jell Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
- Anhui Province Yifan Spice CO.ltd
- Redwood Biotech CO.,LTD
- Akzo Nobel
- Jell Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.

- Biorigin
- Manuchar NV
- KLK Oleo
- Emery Oleo
- Lactalis Ingredients
- Meihua
amongst others.


A new warehouse with state-of-the-Art repacking installation allows AEDCO to best serve all the market needs and requirements for quality fragrances exclusively from GIVAUDAN International S.A.


List of Products

Butyric Acid
Capric Acid
Caproic Acid
Caprylic Acid
Dextrose Monohydrate
Ethyl Maltol
Ethyl Vanillin
Iso Butyric Acid
Lauric Acid
Light Liquid Paraffin Oil
Menthol Crystals
Monosodium Glutamate
Myristic Acid
Palmitic Acid
Peppermint Oil
Phosphoric Acid
Sodium Acid PyroPhosphate
Stearic Acid
Vanillin Crystals
Whey Permeate Powder
White Petroleum Jelly
amongst others......